Writing Links

Been sifting through my blog subscriptions today for a while an found a few articles I ended up liking:

  • “How I self-published a book, sold 180,000 copies & 2X’d revenue” – I don’t like the character of “imitate this formula and double/triple/… your income”;1 the numbers in the post title are easily revealed to be click baits. But the article is huge, and it has some real-world numbers about self-publishing with a team of professional editors, designers, etc. Worth the read, but don’t you get lost in dreaming!
  • There is a “Storybundle” with text and audio books on writing – with a bias towards authors of fiction, but also including general advice. I wouldn’t be sharing this normally since I have neither experience writing fiction, nor have I bought the bundle. But a game developer I respect blogged about the usefulness of one of the products from that bundle. That social proof was enough to convince me.
  • Last but not least, there’s an instructional example project showing how to write a PhD dissertation with Markdown and LaTeX to which reader Dan Sheffler also contributed.
  1. Recently, there was a to-the-point XKCD comic about Survivorship Bias. So much for success formulae.