The Book

The German book is published: check out its project page. (German)

You can take a look at our work-in-progress table of contents to get a first impression of what we cover.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Why we picked our software
    • How to Read the Book
  • Zettelkasten Method in One Page: From zero to maximum efficiency
  • Why should you run a Zettelkasten?
    • Relevancy of a Zettelkasten in the digital age: Get Control over information in an information overflow setting
    • Expand your memory and never forget things again
    • Improve your writing
    • Overcome writer’s block: ease into writing
    • Let your books write themselves
    • Conquer reading material
    • Structure your workflow and archive information with confidence
  • Building Blocks
    • Inboxes
    • Archive
    • Reference Management
  • The two-step process to conquer knowledge
    • Collect
      • The habit of Collecting
      • How to read with note-taking in mind
      • How to take notes that you can understand later
    • Process
      • The habit(s) of Processing
      • Store
      • Connect
  • Assemble
    • Methods to get started with a writing project
    • How to utilize the archive