Zettelkasten Method Coaching

Do you need help or just want to take the next step in note-taking, thinking tools and creative knowledge work in general? I am there for you and happy to equip you with powerful tools for your journey.

The Zettelkasten Method is a collection of techniques and tools based on universal principles of knowledge work. However, my focus is on you and how to individualize the approach to your needs without any dogma.

Are you

  • a struggling student, needing guidance in your workflow?
  • a student winning everything but wondering if you can unlock more potential?
  • a fiction writer, wanting to improve your background research?
  • a blogger who wants to put out content consistently?
  • trying to build a solid knowledge base?
  • trying to increase retention and improve recall of what you learn?

Once you apply the Zettelkasten Method to your knowledge work, you can expect an increase in productivity and quality of your work on a consistent basis.

If so, I am in your team. Send me an email to saschafast@gmail.com. If you have any questions about the coaching, drop me a line.

A Bit About Me

I am Sascha, and I have been a coach for a decade now. My mission is to teach people how to overcome challenges and transform themselves to match any challenges. One of the challenges is knowledge work. I used the Zettelkasten Method to teach knowledge work to high performing clients who wanted to take the next step in excellence as well as clients struggling with depression who just wanted to finish their master’s thesis. We will talk on Skype and use the screensharing feature as our platform of teaching.