The Zettelkasten Method 101 LIVE Workshop

Mastering the Basics to Unlock Your Integrated Thinking Environment

By learning and applying the Zettelkasten Method, you will be equipped with the most powerful tool to solve modern problems of knowledge:

  • Become a life-long learner.
  • Produce high-quality content: blog posts, presentations, podcasts.
  • Come up with solutions, like developing marketing campaigns or business strategies.
  • Get an edge by becoming an early adopter.

About the Course Content

This course will give everything you need to start building a Zettelkasten and way more. There will be no filler material about the history of the method or esoteric babble that obscures the practical side.

This course is about doing and accomplishing. You will start building your Zettelkasten right in the first session.

1. Introduction

After this session, you understand what makes the Zettelkasten Method uniquely powerful and kick-started your Zettelkasten.

  1. First and second principles of the Zettelkasten Method.
  2. How to Create Value with each step of the process.
  3. Create your Zettelkasten now

2. Creating Good Notes

After this session, you create notes that will be actually valuable knowledge and not just dead information.

  1. Atomic Note-Taking.
  2. Value-creating Note-Taking.
  3. Connecting ideas.

3. Value-Creating by Integrating Notes Into Your Zettelkasten

After this session, you turn pesky formalities into learning opportunities.

  1. Creating titles.
  2. Creating tags.
  3. Creating summaries.
  4. Creating references.

4. Creating Structure

After this session, you wield control over your notes independent of the size of your Zettelkasten.

  1. Creating Access Points to Your Knowledge.
  2. Creating Toolboxes for Learning and Creating.
  3. Creating Thinking Canvases.

5. Using the Zettelkasten

After this session, you use your Zettelkasten for real-world results.

  1. Writing Articles, Creating Presentations, and more.
  2. Using Your Zettelkasten for Personal Development.
  3. Using Your Zettelkasten to Learn.

Time, Energy, Price

The course consists of 5 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes. Please allocate 90 minutes in your calendar for each session, as I will take the time to answer questions during and after each session.

There will be three open consulting hours scheduled throughout the course, so there’s plenty of opportunity to ask question and walk through problems.

The course is limited to 8 participants at a time. The next cohort will start in October. The exact dates will be announced in September.

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The price for the course is €249 (US$279).

About Me as a Teacher and My Zettelkasten

Expect me to be

  1. Intense
  2. Involved
  3. Demanding
  4. Very Generous with my Energy and Time (thanks Nir for this compliment!) when you put in your effort.

I am using my Zettelkasten and develop the method for over a decade now. I am a coach for health and fitness for 15 years. Expect a coach who has a lot of experience and is a seasoned Zettelkasten practitioner himself.

If you have further questions, feel free to email me: Send Email


When will I be able to sign up?

To get notified when the doors open, sign up to the newsletter here.

I’m poor/a student/a teacher, do I get a discount?

There are no discounts.

Will there be recordings?

If you can’t attend to a session, I will make the session recording available to you.

I don’t live in your timezone. Can I still attend?

The workshop will be on Saturdays so you more likely be able to attend. The time for the first cohort will be around 5pm CET/CEST.

Will I need to use The Archive?

No, the workshop is software-independent so you practice the principles, not the tools.

Which software will we use?

You can use whatever software you like. I will use The Archive for demonstration purposes.

Do you have more questions? Reach out via email: Ask via email