The Archive: Version Roadmap

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We decided to be radically transparent what you can expect. You don’t only invest in current utility of the app. You invest in future improvements, too. Transparency is part of our business ethics.

Version 1: The Core

This initial version is all about getting productive and having a great user experience.

The following big features are planned to be added to version 1:

  • Note quick entry from anywhere
  • Saved searches, aka “Filters”
  • Typewriter mode
  • Customizable Markdown editor themes
  • Boolean search expressions
  • Dark Mode
  • Browser-Type Navigation
  • Multiple tabs/windows
  • Inline Image Preview
  • Scriptability
  • Tag Index
  • Mass Text Replacement
  • Full MultiMarkdown Support

That’s what you’ll get with a license for version 1. There will be an upgraded version 2 coming afterwards, where we’ve planned to expand the app beyond the current scope of power and functionality. If you already own a license for version 1, you’ll get a discount for your past support.

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    Requires at least macOS 10.11 and is ready for Big Sur.

Version 2: The Integrated Thinking Environment

The second version of The Archive is all about creating a desktop for your creative knowledge work. We will stick to our core beliefs of building nimble software that puts you in control. You decide how you want to work. A system for creative knowledge work is more than just input to and output from a pile of notes. It’s about crafting and tinkering.

What are the benefits of this version for you? You will rise above the notes and see more of your archive from a bird’s perspective. This will enable you to dominate more complex structures in text and other bodies of knowledge like images, diagrams, and audio. Examples include:

  • Dealing with a doctoral thesis;
  • crafting arguments for debates;
  • controlling structure and coherence in books;
  • and writing well-researched blog posts.

The features of this version also include greatly expanded support of structure notes. Those are notes – zettel, as we call them – that enrich the relations between notes.

Version 2 of The Archive transforms the note-management application into a fully Integrated Thinking Environment.1.

Version 3: Text Creation

The third version will be dedicated to improve your process of drafting texts.

  1. Big thanks to Thomas Teepe for the inspiration for this cool concept.