The Archive: Zettelkasten Mac App Beta

Early alpha screenshot
Early development preview.

Christian has been working on a Mac app that we’ve dubbed The Archive. It’s a Zettel note archive app to help you implement the Zettelkasten Method and produce more stuff.

Now we’re looking for feedback and beta testers in May.

What’s in for you

  • Be the first to know anything about the app’s progress and launch.
  • Get a beta testing invitation.
  • Help our amazing team of developers (that’s just Christian) make awesome software!
  • Be part of app development and suggest improvements.
  • Get exclusive early-bird discounts before launch!


I’m a subscriber of the regular Newsletter already. Do I still have to subscribe?

Yes! We won’t spam our readers with project news. If you want to be part of the development progress, sign up below, no matter what you did in the past.

Will you be spamming me like all the other douchebags do on their mailing lists?

Nope. We will only keep this list alive during the development of the app. That’s why we keep separate lists, too: because we don’t want to lure you into anything.