The Perfect Zettel

This course will improve your thinking. We equip you with skills to create valuable knowledge from every single thought.

The Zettelkasten makes a very strange promise:

Write a note now and it will be useful to you in 5, 10 or even 20 years, even though you want to solve completely different problems and will even be a completely different person. And more: Perhaps it will even provide an ingenious solution to a problem.

Yet, we are already encountering a strange phenomenon: we often don’t even understand why we wrote something down a month later.

If we want to build a lifelong system, a Zettelkasten, a thinking partner, we have to become a thinker ourselves who can work with such a thinking partner. This means that we work in such a way that we are immediately creating surplus value at the moment we record a thought.

The solution is that we write notes in such a way that the act of writing is itself already value-creating. To do this, we will acquire thinking techniques and learn to master every single thought during this course.

The wonderful result will be that you will no longer need to remember why you wrote a note 10 years ago. Its value will be timeless.

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