Insert a New Zettel Where You Are with Will's Macro

Forum legend @Will showcased another Keyboard Maestro macro this week that does a particularly interesting thing: from anywhere you are in your web of notes, his macro ties a new Zettel into the web.

Check out the GIF teaser for Will’s 10-minute YouTube demo:

The GIF shows how the ‘Archive Note from link’ template injects a Zettel at the selection

Wills’ demonstration basically goes like this:

  1. In a list of topics, select a topic you want to expand on (here: “Laminar Thinking”).
  2. Invoke the macro.
  3. See how the macro (1) adds a ‘forward link’ to a new Zettel next to the selection, (2) creates a new, empty Zettel, automatically titled “Laminar Thinking”, plus other template metadata.

Imagine your preparing to write a text and use an outline to sketch ideas. Now you find that on a particular item in the outline has a lot of sub-items and could use a new Zettel as an overview. Select the item’s text and use @Will’s macro to insert a Zettel right at that point.

Check out his video with explanation on the forums.