Zettelkasten Method – German Edition Now Available in Stores Worldwide

Who would’ve thought Sascha finishes the German edition before I get the English manuscript done?1 Now there it is, available on amazon.

I’ve added a little announcement at the top of the page already. Here’s the text, in case you missed it:

Staying on top is key to manage knowledge and information. It’s important to be quick and have a flexible process you can trust to achieve this.

The Zettelkasten Method is that flexible technique to deal with knowledge in an individual way. You can realize the principles with a few keystrokes without having to learn complex or expensive software.

The Zettelkasten Method is second to none in its power and simplicity. Your Zettelkasten will become the almost invisible helper throughout your day and life.

Buy on amazon.de (German)
Buy on amazon.com (International)

So that’s the reason we’ve been so quiet lately. Sascha was busy writing the book, while I was proof-reading and doing other stuff. There’s a lot of cool stuff prepared for the blog already, but we just didn’t come about finishing it as of late.

For those of you who can’t read German, peek through our overview to get started with the Zettelkasten method today.

  1. Sascha’s Comment: Me.