Workshop Announcement: The Zettelkasten Method 101 LIVE Workshop

Dear Zettlers,

we are happy to announce the LIVE workshop:

Unlock your Integrated Thinking Environment with the Zettelkasten Method!

By mastering the Zettelkasten Method, you’ll gain the most powerful tool to tackle modern knowledge problems. Whether you aim to become a lifelong learner, produce high-quality content, develop innovative solutions, or stay ahead as an early adopter, this workshop is for you!

This workshop is all about action and accomplishment. Say goodbye to filler material and esoteric babble—this course focuses on practical implementation from the very first session.

Course Content Highlights:

  1. Introduction: Discover the unique power of the Zettelkasten Method and kick-start your own Zettelkasten.
  2. Creating Good Notes: Learn how to transform your notes into valuable knowledge, not just dead information.
  3. Value-Creating by Integrating Notes Into Your Zettelkasten: Turn formalities into learning opportunities.
  4. Creating Structure: Gain control over your notes, regardless of the size of your Zettelkasten.
  5. Using the Zettelkasten: Utilize your Zettelkasten for real-world results, personal development, and learning.

The course consists of 5 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, with 30 extra minutes allocated to answer questions during and after each session. Additionally, three open consulting hours will be available for further support.

Limited to 8 participants at a time, the next cohort begins in October (exact dates announced in September). Secure your spot:

Investment: €249/$279

About me:

Expect an intense, involved, and demanding teacher who is generous with his energy and time to those who put in the effort. With over a decade of experience using and developing the Zettelkasten method, the instructor is a seasoned practitioner.

For more detailed information on the course, see the course page.