Zettelkasten Live Ep. 3: Collaboration Using the Method, plus Zettel Extraction Demos

In today’s episode we had a lot of interaction with you, dear readers and listeners and watchers. Thanks for being great! Here are some show highlights:

  • Peter K. asked: How do you use your Zettelkasten setup for collaborative work? (That’s roughly the first 30 minutes.)
  • At 37:45, you see a demo of creating and maintaining structures, based on Tanya’s question: “Can you go over what goes into a single zettel? And also how do you make the Zettels ‘talk’ to each other? How do you manage not to get lost in all the Zettels?”
  • At 1:01:00, you’ll see an epic demo of how to write a long Zettel, then splitting it into multiple notes.
  • Mr. Andersen asked if we have daily Zettelkasten routines. I don’t have any knowledge work routine at the moment, but Sascha reveals his twice-weekly routine (55:00).

We mentioned a few posts along the way:

If you watch the video and find note-worthy topics, drop us a comment on YouTube or in the comment section of this post with the times. (On YouTube, you can type 30:00 to denote “30 mins into the video” and it’ll be clickable by default!)