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The Archive is a macOS note-taking application to increase writer productivity.

The Archive is be a powerful yet very clean tool to take notes. You no longer will be overwhelmed but impose your order on the chaos of information. The Archive will enrich your workflow with competent note-taking: Access knowledge in an instant and in order.

Why Should You Write About The Archive?

The app is the implementation of a few core principles that value user autonomy and user data longevity first, fueled by a time-tested knowledge management method. We write about this method, called the Zettelkasten Method, on our blog.

This is not yet another general purpose information dump. It’s a tool that only does the things that are needed to help writers write more. It’s a powerhouse for information digesting and organic thinking. It’s a creativity-fueling harbinger of new ideas. We think it is an Order-Bringing Weapon of Gods for the paladins of interestingness. We are, by the way, just mediums and very modest about our app. :)


  • Plain Text File Storage: Robust and made for eternity
  • Clean and simple user interface: Calm and structured
  • Elegant Text Editor: Note Taking is writing. Beauty is mandatory
  • Flexible in Use: Swiss Army knife of note taking
  • Fast search for maximum productivity
  • Markdown support to highlight notes
  • Powerful tags that are simple to use
  • Typewriter mode to keep your focus while typing
  • Themes! Customize the editor to your liking
  • Quick navigation based on plain text conventions
  • Supportive community of writing and note taking nerds
  • Saved searches to switch between subsets of your notes

We have a strong codex of software ethics, which is kind of special. The user interest and morality comes first, our revenue comes second.

We have a vision of the first version of The Archive. We are very up front about the features that will be included in version 1 of The Archive, most importantly:

  • Note quick entry from anywhere
  • Saved searches, aka “Filters”
  • Typewriter mode
  • Customizable Markdown editor templates
  • Browser-Type Navigation
  • Dark Mode
  • Tag Index
  • Inline Image Preview
  • Mass Text Replacement
  • Scriptability

We don’t like the thought of selling a paid version 2 upgrade just because we need cash. We believe in being open and clear about our promises from the beginning. After the v1 is completed we will continue to ship stability updates and begin work on The Archive v2.

Customers who buy version 1 now will pay less for v1 and the upgrade to v2 combined that people who jump on with v2. That’s one way we want to say “thank you” for our customer’s support.

People, Contact, & Social

Concept and creation: Sascha Fast & Christian Tietze
Programming: Christian Tietze


  • Release date: 2018-03-15
  • Price: US$ 19.99 (19.99 EUR)

System Requirements

  • Requires macOS 10.11 or Later; ready for Big Sur
  • Requires 40–50 MB of disk space

Development Background Info



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Application Icon

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