On this page, we provide an overview of what came to be known as The Great Folgezettel Debate and its follow-up discussions.

For all intents and purposes, we often translate the German word “Folgezettel” as “sequence of notes”.

We’re writing this overview in the open. If you come across any relevant resource or piece of discussion you want to share, contribute to the forum discussion or email us

The Great Folgezettel Debate Timeline

# Post Core Position
1 Daniel Lüdecke: “How Luhmann worked” (German) Folgezettel are essential to Luhmann’s style of working
2 Sascha: “No, Luhmann was not about Folgezettel” Folgezettel are one technique amongst many to implement an underlying principle.
3 Daniel Lüdecke: “You Underestimate the Power of the Dark Folgezettel” Folgezettel provide context, links don’t. They are not just one technique amongst many. They provide a unique mechanism and are therefore essential
4 Sascha: “No, I Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Dark Folgezettel – I Embrace Its Source of Power” Links provide rich context, Folgezettel can’t, by design. Both provide the mechanistic foundation to a Luhmannesque Zettelkasten. But links provide vastly enriched contexts to connections.

Understanding Folgezettel