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Getting Started with DEVONthink 2

Just now, a few days after publishing Marko’s article on DEVONthink as a Zettelkasten archive, did I stumble upon Christopher Mayo’s excellent collection of DEVONthink resources.

Apart from his own introductory words on using DEVONthink, Christopher provides a huge collection of links to get you started. And he showcases 22 different use cases so you may learn from pro users how to facilitate DEVONthink’s potential. I checked out a few of them and I think they alone are worth visiting Christopher’s post if you want to find out more about DEVONthink.

DEVONthink as a Zettelkasten Note Archive

Today we host our good friend Marko as he tells us of the basic note-taking capabilities of DEVONthink and its appliance to the Zettelkasten method. The Zettelkasten method propagates heavy use of the note archive, stuffed with your own interpretations of things you have learned. The user we have in mind usually is a student of humanities, reading a lot and writing a lot. DEVONthink is capable of doing far more than managing notes, though. It can also in part replace a reference manager. Or you may benefit from its ability to deal with large amounts of files when it comes to seeking similarities in original sources. This can become really interesting for historians, for example.

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