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Challenge Report: Writing a Term Paper with Evernote as Zettel Archive

I’ve made a lot of progress using Evernote for my term paper. As announced, I want to share the progress with you so you can see how things develop. Turns out, Evernote doesn’t offer publicizing of notebooks any more. Bummer. So I want to do two things today: share the details of the progress and invite you to the notebook privately.

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Publicizing my Challenge Contribution – Plan of the Term Paper

I had a great idea this weekend: for the ongoing challenge I started last summer, I’ll take notes in a public Evernote notebook. Of course I will feed my real Zettelkasten note archive with everything I find, but additionally, I’ll put a translated note into Evernote. This way, I’ll end up with a project-focused Zettelkasten, as opposed to my all-encompassing private knowledge management archive, so we can discuss details of the workflow with that sample archive in the future.

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Getting Up to Speed with Reading about Evernote

Recently, I found some Evernote related posts which seem to be the Universe’s hint that I should please finally install Evernote and try to make a Zettelkasten from it. I will, pinky promise. Just not in 2014 anymore. Evernote seems to have changed a lot in recent years. I’m eager to look into it, especially as I doubt its ecosystem will be a good fit due to Evernote being a data silo. We’ll see!

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