The Archive: Share for Discount Campaign

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The campaign ended on May 15th, 2018. Thanks for participating, y’all!

So you want to help us spread the word about The Archive. Thanks!

It’s simple:

  1. post a link to https://zettelkasten.de/the-archive/ on your social networks,
  2. gather a few likes and re-shares,
  3. and then send me the links or screenshots of these posts via e-mail: hi@christiantietze.de

Campaign Starts: 2018-03-15
Campaign Ends: 2018-05-15

If your posts are liked 10x or re-shared at least 5x, I’ll e-mail you a $15 coupon so you pay less than $5. That’s 80% off!

How to Share

Images tend to perform better than text links in most cases, so if you want to raise the chances, make a screenshot yourself or download and use one of our images.

Make sure a link to the app is in there, and please be nice and don’t trick people into clicking!

You can also send in multiple posts for which the combined likes will count. You can post on multiple social networks and for multiple times. Our deluxe trial period of 60 days will sustain you that long.

In fact, spreading posts over time is even more helpful than a single wave.

Above all, please don’t be spammy or sleazy! Thanks!