System Crafters Answered org-roam and Zettelkasten Questions in Livestream

On Friday, David Wilson of System Crafters hosted a 2 hour live-stream about Emacs org-roam to answer viewer questions after his previous org-roam v2 video demo and talk about the Zettelkasten Method in general.

Sascha and I joined the chat, too, and overall we had a good time and interesting things were discussed with the nice folk in the chat. David’s recapture of the Zettelkasten basics is spot-on, and his pragmatic thinking promises good things to come from him!

If you’re interested in the application of the Zettelkasten Method with org-roam v2, David focuses on this at the 45:41 chapter mark.

We think you will enjoy this episode, too! David expertly moderates the chat by reading questions and comments aloud, which makes it possible to listen to the episode like a podcast, in case you don’t want to stare at the screen for two hours straight.

Sascha’s Comment: I really liked David’s calm and rational perspective on the matter. I think he got many things right and even though it was a live stream (which means it is not scripted) this video is a staple for people who want to use Emacs to handle their Zettelkasten.